Introduction :-)

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Prayer in Action

My name Is Marie. I am the prayer coordinator for IJM this year. I have a passion for God and His heart for others. Prayer is one of my interests and passions as well. First and foremost, though, God has taught me the importance of maintaining an intimate relationship with Him, and through this relationship, everything else flows.

I believe God has SO much in store for the Regent chapter of IJM and for everyone involved with it. If you aren’t involved and want to get involved, let us know and we can find a place where you fit. If you have a heart for prayer, intercession, or encouragement, the prayer piece of IJM is for you! Please feel free to contact us through our email: God is continuing to reveal His heart to me for what else is in store for this semester and year, but the specific verse on my heart is Matthew 6:33.

To share more about myself: I am a Masters in Counseling student at Regent and just moved to the area. I’m from just outside of Philly in PA, and I got my bachelor’s degree at a state school in PA called Millersville University. I love getting to know new people, hanging out, drinking tea, going to the gym, watching the Gilmore Girls, and especially being creative! In the past couple years, I’ve started painting, writing, and dancing…for me, these things are all ways that I can give glory to God and encourage others. He doesn’t want us to put Him in a box…He is always expanding our view of Him.

I believe God has placed human trafficking on my heart so that I can not only pray for the issue but also so I can someday use this degree to counsel individuals after they are saved from trafficking. IJM is a great organization and has a place for all people with different gifts.
May God bless you, and keep your gaze fixed on HIM!
Marie Lorah


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