Students Raise Awareness of Modern-Day Slavery

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Regent IJM in the Community

By Sarah H. Dolan

Photo by: Felix Schlater

March 26, 2010International Justice Week

Students participate in a quiet slavery demonstration during International Justice Week.
Victims of injustice don’t have a voice, but we do.

This is the message of advocacy Regent University’s chapter of the International Justice Mission (IJM) brought to campus as part of International Justice Week (IJW). Throughout the week, the students hosted events to create awareness for the victims of trafficking and other forms of modern-day slavery.

“They can’t speak up for themselves,” said Stephanie Johnson, a Regent undergraduate student and IJM chapter president. “We want to show that we hear them.”

And to symbolize their message, a group of students participated in a quiet slavery demonstration on March 24. For three hours, students sat outside the University Library with red tape covering their mouths. On the tape were words: injustice. hope. demand. freedom.

They also held heart-shaped balloons with current slavery statistics hand-written in the center. Johnson emphasized that the statistics show sex slavery, bondage slavery and child slavery still exist in modern-day America.

Regent’s chapter aspired to do more than expose the problem; they aimed to equip the campus with a number of ways to provide aid. Their weeklong events raised funds to directly support IJM.

Events included partnering with Regent’s Council of Graduate Students (COGS) to host a 5K run and music festival, a letter-writing campaign to encourage support of legislation geared toward issues of global justice, and a prayer vigil for victims of modern-day slavery.


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