Bake To Break; Sell to Save

Posted: December 1, 2010 in IJM Regent Events

Beth Seremet- Secretary

Like no other time of year, the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons can best be identified and enjoyed by one’s sense of SMELL and as students, faculty, staff, and visitors strolled through the Student Center Lobby just days before the Thanksgiving break, IJM-Regent greeted them with tantalizing baked goods to break the chains of the oppressed this holiday season. Caramel apples, rice krispy treats decorated with sprinkles, cupcakes of various flavors, cookies, brownies, and chocolate covered pretzels! For any donation over $5, a mason jar filled with the dry goods of a holiday recipe was distributed to the purchaser.

Selling these yummy goodies to save a slave for only 2 days (6 hours total) raised $260! What could this amount of donations accomplish? One week of aftercare services to a person rescued from slavery. How’s THAT for holiday cheer?! 🙂

Continue to pray and support the efforts of IJM this holiday season as they persevere in fighting injustice overseas all year round!


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