Dig Deeper and Pursue Your Dream

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Educate yourself, IJM Regent Events, Prayer in Action, Uncategorized

What is your life like right now?  What has God been stirring in your heart?  Are you pursuing it? Have you laid your dreams off to the side because your dream is too big or difficult?

I recently have been reading the Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson, and the Lord has been confirming in my heart His call for me to dig deeper into His presence and will for my life. There are many obstacles in our lives that can hinder us for being all that God has called us to be.

Lately, I feel as though I have continually been knocked over, without motivation, or without passion. Yet the Lord has lovingly pursued me, encouraging me to honor Him in all I do. Part of this has been going to Him for healing in areas of my life. Another part has been a longing in my heart to be used by God. Specifically, this longing relates to my ultimate desire to work with victims of human trafficking and provide counseling to those individuals. Part of me has wanted to lay this dream aside until all of the right things come into place. Yet something stirs deep within me that God can use me now.

Amidst my weakness and difficulties, I am saying yes to God’s longing for me to be used in making change in this area of injustice.   I am asking God to show me how He wants to use me. And I’m getting back up again when I fall off course, as I do often.

If you’re reading this, you probably have passion for the ending of human trafficking. Something inside you wants to make a difference. Maybe another part believes you cannot make a difference, have no gifts or talents to offer, or have no time to confront this massive issue. Yet I believe the Lord says, “I can use you in many ways, big or small. Just step forward,
say yes to me, and I will show you how.”

May God direct you in all areas of your life and show you how He wants to use you in combating injustice.



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