Fashion Fights Back

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Regent IJM in the Community

Fashion Fights Back!

Posted on 07 April 2011.

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Show Stopping Sex Trafficking Dead in its Tracks


It’s not often you can say you spent the weekend walking in a fashion show while simultaneously helping to stop human sex trafficking.

But that’s exactly what I was able to do with over a dozen young women at Regent University as we walked the runway for the International Justice Mission’s “Fashion Fights Back” event.

Everything I modeled from my head to my toes was helping free a girl from sex slavery. It was a liberating experience when I first stepped into the flashing lights, my head held high, knowing that as I marched down the runway, I was stomping out injustice

On the runway, we each modeled clothing from the beautiful and modest Elegantees line – the marriage of elegant and tees – by designer Katie Behnke who began her line in 2010.

Behnke’s clothing line was very light and comfortable enough to wear every day. However, their vibrant colors and designs make them versatile enough to be paired with heels for a night out on the town.

With this being Behnke’s first year in business, she is still working toward her goal of putting 100 percent of the clothing proceeds toward fighting against human sex trafficking. She plans to provide future employment for women who have been rescued from the sex trade, offering them a fresh start by learning a new skill.

Shoes from Shoe Revolt, a company that resells donated shoes, were also featured in the show.  Shoe Revolt uses the profits of its business to provide housing and rescue shelters for victims of the sex trade, as well as educational scholarships.

For a closer look at this event, watch the behind the scenes video footage of what it felt like being a model in this night of entertainment worth fighting for.


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