Raise Your Voice Through Prayer

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Prayer in Action

IJM had an education and prayer meeting to combat human trafficking. We heard the statistics about human trafficking and came up with specific prayer requests related to those statistics. Listed below are those requests. Fight injustice wherever you are and pray!

  • Wisdom for potential victims of human trafficking
  • Whole families filled with the love of Christ
  • Divine appointments for potential victims and actual victims
  • Opportunities for organizations to reach victims
  • Effective, stricter laws that are enforced
  • That God would place this issue on others’ hearts
  • Adults that would give godly advice to victims
  • Receptive hearts and healing for victims
  • Movement for more compassion and courage to speak up about the issue
  • Ending of mail order brides
  • Awareness that this issue occurs in the United States
  • Ability to see through the deceit
  • End of pornography
  • Awareness of the issue of pornograghy
  • Convicting believers hearts addicted to pornography
  • Sexual integrity and healing of sexual brokennes
  • Ministry to porn industry leaders
  • The witness of Jesus to predators
  • Using specific gifts of victims for God’s glory
  • Courage for victims to step out of harmful situations
  • Job opportunities and other opportunities to help victims
  • Healing from shame
  • For victims to know their identity in Christ
  • For the church to speak up
  • For people to see the dignity of victims
  • End to corruption
  • Training for police
  • Growth in advocacy
  • Courage and perserverance to pray and advocate

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