Reflection: Being Trafficked at our IJM meeting.

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized


This week’s IJM meeting taught me a great lesson and one that I will never forget. Jen had brought up in the meeting that there was a great opportunity for those interested in missions to be able to go to a missions trip to Mexico that would be paid in full. I immediately raised my hand because missions is something that I definitely want to do. She told those who were interested in going to follow Beth outside so we could get more information on the trip. I thought it was kind of weird that we were leaving the room to get information when we would usually sign up to have an email sent to us or sign up for it on the sign-up sheet. What happened next confused me because we were not given information on the mission trip but a piece of red duct tape to put on our lips and a sticker that said, “Trafficked”. We had unknowingly been tricked to believe that we were actually going on a missions trip paid in full; instead, we were tricked and became victims of sex trafficking. At that moment, I felt used, dumb, and disappointed that I fell for something like that. How could I not have seen this coming? For one, I really wanted to go on that missions trip to Mexico but this demo allowed me to be in the place of other girls that also fell victim to a false ad. This could have happened to anyone and has happened to so many girls. It is so easy to fall victim to ads or find comfort in a great opportunity and soon be taken advantage of and subjected to a fate in sex trafficking. Although we were able to return to the room and take off the duct tape and sticker, for many other girls, they aren’t able to leave and return to their homes. This quick demonstration definitely opened my eyes and made me realize how careful I should be. All of us should take the time to research information and not just take someone’s word. I am thankful for Jen and Beth and anyone else that came up this idea because it was a valuable lesson to learn and one that I will not forget.

Christine Rutherford


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