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 I have 3 worthwhile events to inform you about. I’d love for each of you to get involved with any of them that interests you, or not (stretch yourself), and that your schedule allows for, or not (stretch yourself). Justice really should be our lifestyle, not limited to given event…but I digress, ok, here we go in chronological order:


THIS FRIDAY, October 28th. New Life Providence (1224 Thompkins Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23464. 7:00pm:

Screening of “58: Fast-forward the End of Poverty: WE HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED. WILL WE DO EVERYTHING IT TAKES?”

58: is the inspiring true story of the global Church in action. Witness bravery and determined faith in a journey from the slums of Kenya to the streets of New York. Confront the brutality of extreme poverty and meet those who live out the True Fast of Isaiah 58 and create stunning new possibilities for the future.Travel from the sun-scorched plains of rural Ethiopia to British shopping centers, from Brazilian ganglands and the enslaving quarries of India to western churches, businesses and conferences.

58: invites audiences to discover the incredible work of God through His people in our hurting world. Meet ordinary people, hear their stories, and see their struggles and their victories as 58: shows the relentlessly loving God at work through His Church bringing hope to the darkest challenges of our day. Experience eye-opening reasons to lift our expectations of the future. Check out the trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzVLzVe4h8g


*Be the solution: If you would like to volunteer for this event and personally insert yourself in this event, let me know what works for you:

  • Promo: THIS WEEK! If you want flyers…let me know
  • Set up: 5:30pm
  • Greeters: 5:30pm
  • Coffee Servers: 5:30pm & 8:30pm (before and after event. You may choose to do before OR after).
  • Tear down: 9:00pm


Tuesday, November 1st. Library Plaza.11:00am-3:00pm:

Slavery Demonstration.

Picture with me… in the middle of the Plaza will be an IJM table with information about trafficking, the IJM bracelets to sell, and jars labeled with numbers. The numbers correspond to victims tied to trees and lamp posts around the plaza, each with a sign designating their price of freedom and the significance of that number (ie: $3: the average cost to rent a girl for an hour/ $27: There are 27 million documented slaves in the world today) etc. People will give money into whatever jar they choose and if their donation buys the price of someone’s freedom, they are given an IJM bracelet and get to free the “slave”…only for the “slave” to be sold again.


*Be the solution: There’s a couple ways to get involved

  • Get the word out!
  • Set up help (11:00am)
  • Volunteer to be a slave for ½ hour-1 hour between the time of 11:30am-3:00pm (you tell me when works for you)
  • Help co-host the IJM table for ½ hour-1 hour between the time of 11:30am-3:00pm (you tell me when works for you)
  • Tear down help (3:00pm)


Friday, November 4th. Summit Christian Academy (4209 Big Bethel Road, Yorktown, Virginia 23693). 6:30pm.

Justice Rally.

Night of prayer and worship lead by Livingstone House of Prayer. Fashion for sale by “Elegantees”.

Check it out: Livingstone House of Prayer: http://lhop.us/

                   “Elegantees”: http://www.elegantees.com/


*Be the solution: If you would like to help sell Elegantees at the event, let me know. The biggest thing you can do is come. Engage. Hear the Lord’s heart. Obey what He tells you. Intercede for the victims (both traffickers and trafficked persons alike).


Thanks for reading! Look forward to hearing from you soon !



Letters To Joseph

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Prayer in Action

Joseph has been in prison since December 2010 for a crime he didn’t commit according to IJM investigators. This father of five is facing a potential death sentence that would be devestating to his family and community. Please take a moment to follow this link and send Joseph a letter of encouragement.

Two options:

  1. Print and mail yourself
  2. Fill out and submit to IJM who will deliver it for you


Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Let’s bring some life to a situation that threatens an unjust death.

IJM President goes to NYC!

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For anyone that knows me, it is common knowledge that I served 5 years in the United States Navy. During this time, I had the amazing opportunity to visit 5 continents while serving. Although I have been all over the world in many different countries, I have barley explored my own continent, the United States.

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to New York City. This trip was filled with many first time experiences for me.

A good friend of mine is a fabulous clothing designer, not only is her product amazing but she too fights injustice. Her company is called Elegantees, the marriage between Elegant and T-shirts. Katie makes comfortable, affordable and versatile tops that are suitable for all body types, ages, and styles.

Katie makes modest, fashionable clothing to fight again sex trafficking. Elegantees is a growing business, soon all profits from sales will go towards the fight against injustice. Even though it is only about one year old, this company is being noticed and supported by many. The short term goal of Katie and the Elegantees team is to travel to Nepal and set up sustainable sewing employment for women rescued from sex trafficking. In Nepal, they will be teaming up with the Nepali Rescue Project. This amazing twenty year old organization rescues thousands of women each year from dark world of sex trafficking.

While in NYC, I was not only able to see her new line, I actually walked in her fall fashion show. What an amazing experience! I met many amazing women, supported a great cause, and even explored the big apple for the first time.

This experience was terrifying for me, I have never traveled alone. Even in the military, you must always have three people when traveling. I took a bus, which was also a first. I traveled on the subway alone, but did not get lost (surprisingly). I even spent an entire day exploring the city alone, total self reliance. I had no plan, I just had little bit of money, my cell phone, and a subway pass.

The one site I really wanted to see was the 9-11 memorial. Not just because I am a Veteran, but because I am an American. Even for those who were not affected directly, it changed history, and our country. The museum was beautiful; there were pictures of the victims from wall to wall. What hit me the most was the wall of missing posters. Initially, they were missing people until they were found in the collapsed building. I just couldn’t imagine experiencing that. There were books of little notes different visitors to the museum wrote. I found it wonderful that they notes were written in all different languages from people all around the world. They all supported American, they were all affected, and they were sharing love and support to the families left behind. This was simply beautiful to me.

During my trip, I saw the Wall Street protesters. Without getting into my personal opinion on their protest, I did want to talk to some people. I wanted to understand. Why are you here? Why are over 1000 people living in this small park with music and signs? I listened, which honestly is all they want. These citizens just want someone to listen, someone to care, and someone to understand. I do understand; I hope that the people they are trying to reach do too. I admire their compassion and their dedication. I do not know many people that would live in the park to take a stand on any cause.

My first trip to NYC was not just about a fashion show, or even the cause that God has placed on my heart. This trip was about fear; the good kind of fear. The kind that makes you grow and teaches you to trust yourself. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to make this trip; I struggled with the decision in so many ways. I knew I needed to go, and I am so glad that I did. I made new friendships, strengthened others, showed Gods love, and became more confidence In myself. I would most definitely call that a success three days.


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Lovely To Meet You! –Beth

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